Elite Exclusive Development Services offers a variety of services:

Below  you'll find information pertaining to some services offered.

  •  Education

              We provide classes and workshops to adolescents and youths ages 5 -12, 13 - 18, and young adults 19-25. 

  • Classroom tutoring for Math, English, Science, History, and Social Studies


  • Knowing Your Worth "I LOVE ME"

  • Senior Citizen Technology Class

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Finance, Credit Repair

  • Social Media

  • Drugs

  • Physical and Mental Abuse

  • School Fundraisers

  • Scholarships


  • Youth Restoration Services

               Elite Exclusive Development Services help youth to realize their purpose and to fulfill their destiny. We provide in school resources (hall and classroom management assistance), a listening ear, seminars, and conferences that will focus on applying basic life skills surrounding behavior, housing, finances, education, job training, computer skills, and business.

  • Counseling

  • Behavioral Skills

  • The Juvenile Justice System

  • Youth Housing

  • Job Placement

  • Intensive Behavioral Intervention 


  •  Community Events

                Job and education fairs, fashion and talent shows, concerts, and major youth activities are just some of the many events that will             occur quarterly or annually.


              Youth events and programs include; debates on different subjects of interest, non bias programming that informs/educates individuals on our country's political system and the juvenile/adult criminal justice systems. Weekly business and education seminars will be held.


              Sports events (basketball, football, soccer, and volleyball). The goal of all events are to bring unity, provide rich arts and cultural events to the residents and neighboring cities of Detroit  MI. Many of these activities will conveniently take place in the heart of these communities.





Youth Small Business and Vendor Incubator